About Us

Our Mission

The Ralph Bunche School will offer a challenging and rigorous academic curriculum with multiple entry points for all students through remote learning.

We will achieve this in a safe, engaging, rigorous and supportive learning environment that has high expectations of our students from our staff, home and community.

Instructional Focus

To create multiple entry points aligned to state standards for reliable student outcomes in all subgroups in a remote learning setting.

Instructional Absolutes

  1. In all classrooms, a learning target and/or an I Can / I Will statement will be posted and visible aligned to a learning standard.
  2. In all classrooms, unit aligned anchor charts will be relevant and visible.
  3. In all classrooms, teacher facilitated, student centered discussion will support [achievement of] the learning element.
  4. In all classrooms, multiple entry points will be created in order to differentiate the instruction [for the success of all learners].

Expectations for Instruction:

Clear learning goals that the students can articulate • Independent practice time for students • Gradual Release Model of Instruction • Data Collection and Awareness • Conversations to Support Growth with Actionable Feedback • A Growth Mindset